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ICU is a premier service provider of Alternative Solutions for Pretrial and Sentenced Offenders. Alcohol & DUI Alternatives: Serve time at home and go back to work or school! Need a Hardship Drivers License? Ask for our Ignition Interlock System. Canít afford to pay for alternative services? Lake County Courts offer County Pay that will pay for you!

Home Monitoring Units

Key Features:
Multiple Offender Monitoring
Enhanced Memory
Powerful Back-up
Extended range
Flexible Scheduling and Information Management
Leading edge transmitter capabilities
Simple, Immediate Installation
Improved RF Modules and Processing Power
Enhanced Communication and Software Download Capabilities

GPS (Global Positioning Satellite System)

One-Piece Monitoring Device designed to track offeder movements 24/7. ICUís Systems utilizes a single unit device that is both the receiver of location information and transmitter of status and location information. Unlike other devices, the device utilizes Cellular Triangulation to locate the unit as well as GPS.

Smart Start Ignition Interlock System

Smart Start interlock monitoring is a preferable and cost-effective alternative to jail time or license suspension for offenders. Interlock orders enable DWI/DUI offenders to continue working, paying taxes, supporting their families and contributing to society while staying within the legal licensing system.

SCRAMX (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor)

24/7 alcohol detection
Greater accountability
Cost-effective monitoring
Court validate technology
Hardcore drunk driver solution