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Offender Management Services Through Technology

  • Pre-trial Supervision & Assessment (Bond Conditional)
  • Probation Condition
  • Treatment Support (Honesty Factor)
  • First time DUI Offenders (Evaluation Period)
  • Repeat DUI Offenders (Court Sanctioning)
  • Specialty Courts: Drug Court, DUI Court, Family & Domestic Violence
  • Offender Re-Entry Programs
  • Campus Alcohol Programs
  • Early Prison Release / General Alternative to Incarceration
  • Order of Protection Enforcement
  • Court Orders Excepted Nation-wide

ICU Court Monitoring offers low cost self pay programs

The Challenges

Jail Overcrowding
Budget Restrictions
Staffing Cutbacks
Difficulty in Collections
Offender Supervision

Our Services

Offender Management Services
Home Detention Supervision
Offender Supervision
Flexible Payment Plans
Court Orders Excepted Nation-wide