A 21st Century Alternative to Incarceration


Handheld alcohol monitoring that enables individuals to discreetly submit tests while
they continue daily life activities.

Domestic Violence

An effective tool that provides added layers of
protection to victims of domestic violence


ICU Monitoring offers a variety of home detention options that effectively
increase compliance, reduce recidivism, and maintain public safety.


Scientifically proven and court-approved continuous transdermal alcohol monitoring.

Ignition Interlock System

Vehicle-installed breath analyzer that is a cost-effective alternative to jail time and/or license suspension.

Substance Abuse Screenings

FDA-cleared random and continuous non-invasive drug testing options that are accurate and cost-effective.

Wrap Around Services

Free comprehensive individualized planning to address the complex needs of clients through proven methods that reduce criminal re-offenses.

ICU Monitoring offers low cost self pay programs

Offender Management
Services Through Technology


  • Pre-trial Supervision & Assessment
  • Probation Condition
  • Treatment Support
  • First time DUI Offenders
  • Repeat DUI Offenders
  • Specialty Courts: Drug Court, DUI Court, Family & Domestic Violence
  • Offender Re-Entry Programs
  • Campus Alcohol Programs
  • Early Prison Release / General Alternative to Incarceration
  • Order of Protection Enforcement
  • Court Orders accepted Nation-wide

Answers To Your Questions

ICU is a premier service provider of Alternative Solutions for Pretrial and Sentenced Offenders. Alcohol & DUI Alternatives: Serve time at home and go back to work or school! Need a Hardship Drivers License? Ask for our Ignition Interlock System. Can’t afford to pay for alternative services? Lake County Courts offer County Pay that will pay for you!

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Participants who are declared indigent by Lake County Courts, may qualify to get all or a portion of their fees waived.

ICU Monitoring only uses the most innovative equipment that is safe, discreet and non-invasive.

Yes, in most instances. However, privileges and/or restrictions are determined by the Court. Keep in mind that our services are especially designed to offer alternatives to incarceration with the goal of returning individuals to work, school and their family.