GPS (Global Positioning Satellite System)

ICU Monitoring offers a variety of home detention options that effectively increase compliance,
reduce recidivism, and maintain public safety.

Effective Program Options

  • 24/7 Home Detention
  • House Arrest w/Privileges (Determined by the court, but commonly includes work, school, church and medical appointments)
  • GPS Monitoring (Tracking Only)
  • Curfew Options

Robust Technology & Equipment

  • A sleek, one-piece Ankle Monitor that is Comfortable and Waterproof
  • Employs Cellular, Satellite, and Wi-Fi signals for precision tracking
  • Tracks indoors and GPS-impaired environments for greater accuracy
  • Elite Tamper Detection by Fiber-optic Strap and Backplate Removal

Additional Solutions

  • Criminal Defense Alternative: Ask about Serving your time at Home on House Arrest
  • A Safe and Economical Alternative for Monitoring Sex Offenders
  • Provides Domestic Violence Protection
  • Don’t live in Lake County, IN? or Is your Case out of another Jurisdiction? Check out our Transfer Program. 


  • Must pay a refundable $600 equipment security deposit prior to release (non- Lake/Porter County residents only)
  • Must have a verifiable place to live and the consent of the homeowner if the residence is not owned by the program participant before release
  • Must possess and maintain an active home or cellphone at all times on the program
  • Must agree to obtain a phone within 48 hours of release if one is not owned by the participant at the time of release
  • Must agree to remain within the boundaries of Indiana or as authorized by the court
  • Must have the ability to self-pay or be county indigent funded.